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Spill your Guts

#chronicconditions #invisibledisability #gutfeelings #neverenough

Upcoming Shows: 31.3.23 & 1.4.23 Sophiensaele Berlin

A physically challenged puppet, a performer, 90 minutes of dialogue with his intestine. For his new project, performance artist Hendrik Quast has learned the (un)spoken art of illusion, ventriloquism, to approach chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. He reinterprets the traditional comic technique of ventriloquism as “intestiloquism“ between the poles of concern and determination through the healthcare system. In conversation with the stubborn puppet, new ways of speaking and images of chronic conditions emerge that provide the audience with unusual rooms for humor. On a gut level, classic experiences and everyday scenarios of cronic conditions become literal and sayable. Performer and puppet 

present themselves as social climbers, who try to hide their social background. Quast broadens the question of (in)visibilly of marked chronically ill bodies with the subject of (in)visibilities of classism in medicine and society.


His research is based on conversations with Berliners who suffer from chronic conditions and gastroenterologists. This social study is reflected in the rhetoric repertoire of scatological humor, slapstick and nonsense on the border between entertainment and high culture. The aim is creating a humoristic parallax with grotesque rhythm that takes an erratic and surprising course. Through comic techniques, the performance takes up the blankspace of chronically invisble conditions in the practice and theory of performance history and recent disability studies.


A production by Hendrik Quast in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg, Künstlerhaus Mousonuturm and Sophiensaele Berlin. Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Capital Cultural Fund (HKF). Supported by the residency programme Schloss Bröllin and Cimma Cità.

Trailer: here

Text, performance, concept Hendrik Quast 

Dramaturgy Alex Hennig
Artistic assistance Michel Wagenschütz
Stage Jonas Droste

Light Maika Knoblich

Video Rodrik Biersteker

Sound Toben Piel

Puppet, make-up, costumes Christina Neuss

Feedback Marcus Dross, Sandra Umathum, Daniela Dröscher

Coach for ventriloquism Marcus Geuss

PR Yven Augustin

Technical management Hendrik Borowski

Production management Lisa Gehring

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